Crunch hour

Being in the hour of resting the head downNone was achieved only probably at dawnBlasting the ears trying to forgetOf calamity that was bound in the end Too much clouding in the thoughtsMaking one going on zonkThe unclear road aheadTrying hard to keep the head What a bad time to be inPreventing from fallingInto the darkest […]

May, epic month

Hello blogsphere. epic… epiC… EPIC!!! Now only less than 15 days before I face mini doomsday! *panic panic* *breathes* I can’t wait till end of this month where I am so close to finish my studies yet I don’t want it to come too soon BECAUSE I’m still not done with my FYP!!! The most dreaded […]

taking a break

need a break sounds better. After the mid-sem break, everything that was scooped under the carpet earlier is coming up to the surface with a boom.  Ever since the parliament has been dissolved, work started for me. Reading newspaper is not much of a problem but to code them line by line is seriously something. […]