taking a break

need a break sounds better.
After the mid-sem break, everything that was scooped under the carpet earlier is coming up to the surface with a boom. 
Ever since the parliament has been dissolved, work started for me. Reading newspaper is not much of a problem but to code them line by line is seriously something. Before this there was workshops on the know how of doing it. But by actually doing it with all the warnings given earlier, this is no joke. 30+ news articles in 18 pages (big sheet of newspaper I might add)! Thank God for the late dateline if not I really don’t know how am I doing all of that with the initial dateline of on the same day. Doing it on alternative day is already killing me. Another thank God moment for doing it in English medium.
Newspaper aside, election has definitely brought some impact on the society, even for myself. Prior to coming to university, I have no idea on the government and whatever the politic scene is. However after coming to university with my majoring that requires me to know not only local politics but also world politics. Don’t ask me why have I chosen this major ’cause I have no idea why. I’m a person that does not want to know anything about politics let alone doing what I am doing now. Only God knows His plan for me. No harm gaining new knowledge rather than be a frog in the well. 
Totally at my highest level of procrastination this semester, the most vital one of all. 

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