Thank God for the week

A day of being a procrastinator though it has to go. Have 4 things to complete this week and look what I am doing at this hour. Just ’cause there is no pressure of finish my FYP, I’m already lazing around. *shakes head*
A week coming back to uni life has taught me some stuff and cleared some questions I had. Being free from the clutches of life definitely is a breather. Yet sometimes things get ‘interesting’. Another level to conquer? It looks like it. Life cannot be a calm water or maybe it is calm on the surface with strong undercurrents. I have found some answers in this one week and had enlightenment on what is important to me and what is a total turn off. 
I hope that my antenna is growing longer since it is a survival skill.
Another story that just had me furious beyond words was (you may have already seen it in my facebook or twitter) MY UMBRELLA GOT ‘STOLEN’ for the 3rd time! Thank you very much university students. You have showed me how ‘civilised‘ the social environment should be. How do and would you feel like if people took your things instead? Would you take it as charity? Even after multiple times? Don’t just keep thinking about yourself. Once a friend told me to just take any umbrella that is left outside (as to where I left my umbrella). What do you mean by just take? It’s other people’s property and I do not want them to face such tragedy. I do not want to claim people’s stuff as mine. What kind of thick face people are these? Isn’t that equivalent to stealing? OMG! Of course I am mad, angry, furious, and whatever associates with that. Why don’t you (the offenders/supporters of the offense) take your phone, car, money, and valuables. See how will you feel. Just because I ‘lost’ an umbrella, it is not ‘ok and let it go’. The umbrella is valuable to me. With the ever scorching sun and heavy downpour, it is an ASSET! 
Do not ever steal or take things away from me without my permission! 
Back to what life lessons I have learnt: Gotta practice my thoughts and not just sitting on it and dream. Dreams do come true with actions.

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