No exam day

After one day I’m already half way done. Having intervals can be both good and bad, but more towards the bad side for me because I’ll be just in relaxing mode, wasting my time away. 
For starters, I’m supposed to rest my right hand and fingers due to all the 4 hours of hardcore writing. Then again whenever in front of the laptop, I gotta use my right hand for controlling the mouse. So much for resting my limb. Now having a bad muscle pain on my right trapezius. It has been going on for days. Trying to use more of my left limb. I could have some massages right now.
Today, apart from waiting till 12am, I’m planning to do some revision for the coming exam in 2 days. Tomorrow a whole new different game plan. No more slacking. Eventhough I will be sitting for 4 papers this semester but the thought of unfinished FYP is still haunting me. Gotta hand in my refined research proposal before I take my leave to enjoy my hoidays!
Speaking of holidays, haven’t you heard about the AirAsia 1Malaysia program of FREE SEATS?! Well, actually it is only 10,000 seats available instead of a month of free travel.
Ready to grab some seats?
What is the catch?
Traveling period: 14 Jan 2013 – 4 Feb 2013
Destination: Peninsula – KL, Penang, JB
       Sabah & Sarawak – KK, Tawau, Sandakan, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Kuching
(Can only travel Peninsula to Sabah & Sarawak and vice versa, no traveling within the land)
So waiting and anticipating for AirAsia’s waiting room and just hogging in front of the screen. Don’t know if could get a return flight within the FreeSeat range. If possible, could save a lot!
In the midst of exam, I could use some eye candy moment. SMnet released 2 videos for people to ogle at their monitors for a long period of time.

One for the guys and one for the girls. have no idea why for super junior’s mv, they don’t let me embed it
Have fun!

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