Oh my English!

Just when I was thinking of what to write about. 2 moons has passed,The third one is coming,Still each moment that I’m living,I think to myself if it was worth dying. Time stood still, the crickets cry,Take a deep breathe with head held high,Feel the heartbeat, what peace of mind,Not all is lost, not all […]

Crunch hour

Being in the hour of resting the head downNone was achieved only probably at dawnBlasting the ears trying to forgetOf calamity that was bound in the end Too much clouding in the thoughtsMaking one going on zonkThe unclear road aheadTrying hard to keep the head What a bad time to be inPreventing from fallingInto the darkest […]

So close

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,Life has come to another height,The stage is set while the players rest,Waiting for the excitement to start,Little did they know what would there be tomorrow,Little excited, little unrest,The night went by in time for test,Started, ended, the lifelong mess,Yet nothing was there as there were less,Life hanging on flesh,A torture, when will […]