New found extended corner

Every time when I look through the apps that I have in my phone for iPad, I will be like ‘Who has so much time to update all these social media platforms CONSTANTLY? I for one was taught not to speak too loosely when I am held accountable to what I say. To make matters worst, my devices are just too slow for me. They take such a long time to load. From the phone to the internet connection, it feels like I’ve wasted my life waiting for it. Although it could take from 1-5 minutes, however, it sure does feels like more than 5 minutes.
I can’t stress enough how much my phone is laggy till the point where I just couldn’t be bothered to maximize its usage. It just gets me mad for only 1 reason, and 1 reason only. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, there are so many social media platforms out there heavily used for 1 reason – to show people about your life. I’m speaking in a general statement, based on my observation.
Well, I already have the main 3 platforms at my fingertip – F(acebook).I(nstagram).T(witter).
Now, as for secondary platform, I have this blog that is inactive for me to write long and wordy updates.
Basically, after giving so much thought during my train rides, I have decided to segregate my platforms to different interest. That way, people who follow me or stalk me will not have to read the same stuff over and over again in different places. You want to read or know something about me, then there will be different channels for you to go to. Good right?
So I have decided to change one of the platforms that I’m using to help me spend my time when I’m taking the train wisely. I get to work my creative juices rather than just staring into something distant that isn’t productive.
If you haven’t know about this new app called Dayre, then you should get one and follow me at! *shameless promotion* 
It is available in App Store and Play Store. But in order to fully utilize the functions that they have, you will need to use it via mobile.
What I’m doing now is still in beta mode. I create stories using the stickers that they have. Since the stickers available are limited, I’m still thinking of what to do after using up all the stickers. Don’t really have much time before they are done.
Managed to finish 2 sets of stickers, although not all of them were used but… As a first step to the bigger picture, it’s good for me.

I find out that I should not give myself a certain number of days to finish, or a certain number of stickers to use in a day. I’m not good at sticking to the organized plan. It may be a good thing or not. But then again, as long as I am not obliged to it and I’m having fun with it, it’s the satisfactory that counts.

I like it when I don’t have to plan the story line, but go with the flow. It’s the process of creating the story that is enjoyable, not what happens at the end.

Quality over quantity anytime.

Well, I’m still working on my 3rd story. It’s not over yet. 

I would like to thank Sook Kin for always reading and liking my entries! 
Nuff said. Tata~

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