Enough of the dreaming, it is time to take action. That’s why I am in the PHILIPPINES! Continuing my ASEAN tour. It is a lifetime tour. One day flying 2 flights is not that uncommon anymore. AirAsia can be a bummer at times.  If it is not for their cheap fares and my tight budget, […]

End of May

May is coming to an end which means it’s time to get my butt to work. Where are my traveling plans?! Spontaneous traveling is not all that bad but of course to make it a budget one is not so easy. Maybe next time would try to buy air tickets spontaneously since have already achieved […]

My friend, Helen

Dedicating this month’s 1st post to a special friend of mine How old do you think she is? She has an animated voice and with animated expression. She gets extra exited when mention bout someone. The person name is secret because he is too famous in the campus. So if you’re here in then you’ll […]