Almost a week of non stop fun

Most of the pictures are up in facebook d… To own or not to own a camera is not a question. The question now is when can I own my own laptop then uploading pictures will be a breeze since my computer does not recognizes my phone as a USB device.

Dissappointed that some of the plans I had didn’t go according to plan.

Backpacking the next round?

The month of May is indeed a traveling month for me. I wonder when can I go for the next trip.

The 1at day of travel itself is just funny and a total blow for me. Don’t even want to remember it.

A whole week of report is just too long. I think I can write a short story out of it. So here’s just the summary:

Let’s start with doing things the 1st time:
– ice skating ( it’s not easy as it seems, got souvenirs too)
– achery (fun but arm and finger was numb after that)
– williams ( name can be deceving)
– got con just to save that small amount of money (results in walking a lot)
– saw a lambourghini right in the face and a jaguar too
– ate the original apam and 1st time eating poori
– step foot and ate in italiannies

That’s all I can think for now.

I can say that having holidays with friends, you don’t have to sleep. Been sleeping after 2.30am – 3.30am most of the days. This is what you call sleeping early in the morning. The phrase the night is still young definitely says it all here.

Why can’t the whole West Malaysia be wired with LRTs. Then we can travel so easy and freely and faster. Rather than sitting in the bus and feeling uncomfortable. Public transport services like Korea and Japan is just so cool! Malaysia is just a decade or two behind.

I can’t wait for the next trip!

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