Why so serious?

Let us take a break from all the fun and exciting holiday mood for now. More like for me to take a break and time to get serious. I’m not really on a holiday break yet, just a study break but for some, exam mode has started. Mine, just 3 more days away. However, I’m in no study mood! Putting on hold till the last minute is definitely not the way to go. Still, have got Final Year Proposal (FYP) to complete. Why am I so not serious?

The excitement of graduating has just left me in cloud nine. But before that I need to come back to reality to finish off my debts before going to cloud nine. It has a price to be paid. I don’t want to fail or repeat any courses and I don’t want to be just a mediocre. What I am portraying now could only lead me to one way. Just across the fence. 

Watching musical the whole day thanks to the slow upload time. I could watch Les Miserables musical and movie over and over again and still being enchanted by it. The music and expression is just indescribable. Oh music… one thing I might not be able to live without.

Persevere Enwei, persevere… 

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