Why is it so hard!

This semester is long and hard… Oh as the time slowly coming to an end, so are my brain cells generating ideas.

Today just handed in a 15 page long assignment! The most I’ve done so far. I am so not liking doing words typing just like now. Explains the short post with long intervals. Oh no! Lost touch with writing? No wonder words are not coming out properly. Mambo jumbo… 
So let me count how many assignments I’ve done thus far. 1,2,3,4,5,…….30!!! That is only counting major assignments. Haven’t include smaller ones like article review. My oh my, didn’t know so many have been submitted. Still have one more to go before ending this semester due the day after tomorrow. 2500 words minimum, gotta do it in 6 hours maybe? 
Oh why does it have to be so hard this year and most probably the next? Is this the price to pay to be free from (education) slavery? 
Let’s see if words will come back to me in the future. 
* 7 days till Christmas * I’m dreaming of a white Christmas *

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