Read, read, read, write

Reading is top priority when you’re still a student. Ignorant is not a bliss when you reach university. This I have learnt the long way and still am learning now. I still wonder why did I choose the course that I’m studying even though I do not like politics or want to know politics at all. Apparently, I can’t shove it away as it affects my daily life. So how? Read lor. 
1st week of lecture already got bombarded with the AMOUNT (yes… almost uncountable) of readings we had to do… newspapers, webs, magazines, anything that we could get a hold onto world news. They are not that easy to get in this place! I mean getting the newspaper of my choice. Yes, I’m very particular about what I read. BRANDING is very important!

Now into week 3, done with 2 articles for discussion, a group presentation and tomorrow 2 assignments DUE! Not liking how this is going. Drastic change from holiday mode to study mode. Brain, faster adjust yourself. You’ve not enough time to dilly-dally. 

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