Just being bored and procrastinating and a hypocrite

1st of all, it’s seriously good to use the laptop rather than using a phone to do things. Phone is just meant to be a phone. When stuff are added into it, it just gets complicated and complicate people like me. I like having lots of gadgets around rather than just relying on a single electronic so that when I run out of battery, I have another to use, rather than just losing everything in one.

2nd, what I wanna say again?

ok.. 2nd, I need to find something to do. Not going out to work on a daily basis kind. That’s just too boring for me. Been there done that. Maybe just procrastination took place. Anyway, cash is seriously running out fast this time. Bad bad thing when sales is on! It has been days that I’m just staying in the house and channel surfing. Even with astro, there’s not a show that suits my taste. Coming back home = no internet connection. So ya, I’m just used to being without internet at home. No youtube-ing which can be bored at some point. So moderation is the key here. Same goes to earning money as well. Moderation and some few other aspects.

Been having this idea for the past few months ’bout doing something that I like while enjoying the process and the outcome. But as always, the other side of my brain would come out with negative thoughts that I may not be able to pull it of. In everything there’s risk, just that how much risk is involved. Well, just thinking does not do any good or any progress. Next step, take action. Dream will always remain a dream until actions are put in and turn to reality.

Back to managing my life once again. Holiday mode have to end if not I’ll be growing more fungus and mushrooms. I think 2 weeks of having no itinerary whatsoever is the maximum period that I can take so far.

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