It sucks to be sick

When we were kids, didn’t we all wished we were sick so that we could skip class or thinking that by getting sick we could not sit for exams? Such naive wishful thinking.

I don’t even wish to get sick now. It sucks to be sick. Cannot go on with normal daily routines. A moment, you need the toilet; a moment, you need air-con; a moment, you don’t feel like eating anything. It’s such a painful ordeal and why do people wish they are sick.

I used to think which is the best time to be sick, during lecture week? study week? after exams? the answer was none of the day!

During lecture:
I need to attend my classes if not I’ll be out in the cold about the topic that I’ve missed – bad!

During study week:
It’s a time for me to relax and enjoy the week off from classes. Why do I want to get sick? I still need to prepare for my exams later.

After exams:
This does not need further explanation. I want to enjoy my holiday. No way I’m wasting my time to be sick. It’s the time to get out and do the things that I’ve missed for 4 months. All the food, all the roads and all the clothes to see out there.

Being sick these past few days was like sucking life out of my soul. Almost a walking zombie!

I rather wake up early to attend lectures than be sick. At least I get to sleep later after class rather than laying down doing nothing for the rest of the day.

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