A simple Life

Life is very simple here at Long Lamai, carefree as well. No bustling sound of traffic, no alarm ringing off the hook, and no need for any aircon here. Sound of nature is all I hear. Birds chirping, rooster roosting, little chicks chipping, and insect cricking.

Still wondering what do the adults do since the little ones are off the school. Going to find out slowly about the life of the Penans.

Taking social science has really got me thinking the difference between city life and village life, and the theories that I’ve been learning thus far although now it’s still in jumbles.

Basic needs are definitely a must for human survival. But how basic is basic?

Some interesting stuff that I’ve found out 3 days I’ve been here is
1. Nobody wears specs here
2. Men having muscles both young and old. Children have 6 packs as well both boys and girls
3. It’s almost impossible not to get a tan here
4. There’s a culture of man eats with the guest while women and children eats at the kitchen of our leftovers. (though I knew of this culture beforehand, we took out their portion before we ate)
5. Anything that we want has to be carried in either on foot (foc) or by boat (pay for petrol). On foot is about 1 hour is you’re a penan.
6. I could just walk into the neighbours house and charge my stuff if I need to at anytime. Something unheard of back in city.

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