c’est une très bien jour

Sleeping till my heart content was something I’ve been missing out this few days. Haven’t been sleeping on my bed for the last couple of days and left my poor ka-ping! and pebbles on their own. For those who don’t know who are they, they are my soft, cute, lovely, and petite STUFF TOYS! Who says you can’t have stuff toys around you when you’re 22! I LOVE my stuff toys to bits… and planning to get another one this year. #stufftoycollection expanding mission

Starting the day without hearing any irritating sound – alarm! is the first step of having a good day ahead, since no sound of alarm ringing is equivalent to a fully charged energy level.

2nd, having nice soft, fluffy hair just gets the day so much better. My hair is my crowning glory. Never ever mess with my hair unless you can bear with the consequences.

Curls like these  are never out of fashion! 

Having the whole Saturday of free is what I need after a long week of exam. Another 2 more coming later next week, ending with a killer subject! I wonder am I in the right path of taking International Studies @ International Relations. Better survive another year before deciding what to do next.

Good sleep + nice hair just get my day going… What’s next? sc2 of course. Being better in anything is not a crime unless you’re hurting others. 2NE1 and Big Bang are recently my 2 fav group… k-pop never stops.

Spending the whole day facing the monitor with such hot weather is seriously not a good idea! Why is there SUMMER in MALAYSIA!!! this is unheard of. More than 30 degrees celsius the whole day just makes me wanna dip in a ice cold pool! The weather is too darn HOT!

c’est une très bien jour? more like c’est une très bien jour avant ce soir ✌

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