halfway there

1 week of starting of a new sem is about to come to an end. it has been 1.5 years since i’ve entered this place. this week has been good. most classes are cancelled since not many students are back anyway. killer subs this sem? 3 of them. getting double dose of it as early as the week starts. challenging sem this time? most probably but that’s the path i choose so i might as well just stick to it. pray hard that i wont get lost in class like what happened last sem. terrible indeed. 
so ya, i’m halfway there in completing my studies but still having one thing in mind to executive it before i graduate. open doors for me God? you know they say that uni life is the best time of all coz after that working like takes to much time away from doing what you like to do. i’m still thinking what am i going to do after this. still have a year plus to know what i really want. however that’s not easy. ‘advice’ from here and ‘cold water’ form there… reality of the world gets the better of you when you’re just flowing with the wind. 
i love my life

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