From Monday to Friday(sometimes) waking up as early as the sun rises in the west while in the east it’s all sunny is of norm now in my lifestyle, as early as I would normally wake up during my schooling days is now applicable again. However this time it is not because my class starts early where it only took me less than 15 minutes to reach school compound or straight getting into class but it is just so that I would not run late in terms of taking “bus 11” to reach to class. Both preparation time are the same with only 30 minutes to spare inclusive of dilly-dally. The difference now is traveling time from point A(house) to point B(class).
Time margin by 30 minutes would not be a problem for some IF both mode of transportation are the same which is not in this case as the matter of fact. 1 is run by electrochemical energy while the other is using kinetic energy. Therefore if I would tell someone to walk at least 30 minutes to get from point A to point B everyday, there would be different expressions shown or even a comment or two. 
Well, it is already a norm so walking isn’t a big fuss be it rain or shine ’cause that’s just part of life. Other part of the countries only rely on “bus 11” as a mode of transport and some even make the best out of it. 
See, walking 
is a form of exercise itself – save the trouble to do cardio exercise = save gym membership.
doesn’t emit any pollution to the air, water or sound = going/gone green
have no form of vehicle = don”t have to worry where to park/place the vehicle
[All these are only applicable if you stay near campus within the radius of less than 1km]
Sucks to be me now or not since that’s the situation I’m in now, so why not just deal with it and look the pros side instead of whining and complaining where they will not help solve anything but only create more nuisance  with annoyance around other people.
Will see how and what does walking will do to me for the next few months. 
This is one of the side effects of having at least 1 hour everyday to think/reflect/evaluate nonsense in a thing called Journal of Walking.

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