Quick summary

*caution: WORDY post ahead. Read at own risk to prevent from eye straining, eye squinting and disillusion*

A month of absents from writing seems like getting back on track added with a little procrastination. However time is all I have now since it’s 10 days away for me to get to the other side of the local sea and start my food spree once more! I’m kinda deprive of delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering food… I… have.. an.. addiction.. with food! There, it is out of my system now as if not some of you have already know.

So for the past month, towards the end of the month was 1 week of preparation for another battle and another later of insanity in which this time around I didn’t get sick. I think I know the secret to it – S L E E P ! if not, my 1 week of insanity will be: insanity + lack of sleep = monster

Here at last I’m done with finals, done with 2nd sem and done with 1st year. That marks my one year of growing and maturing and understanding (and taking care of myself?). It took me a little more that 12 hours and 12 episodes of drama before the feeling started to sink in. Though I was not that satisfied with finals for this sem (don’t ask me why), I do think I could have done better than what I gave in. I could imagine after people reading that line or if I spoke of that line, there will be comments about you can try harder next time; you can put in more effort next exam; you still have time to improve. NEXT… I don’t want next, I want now. ‘Next’ is not the word I want. Not another four letter word. What’s done, is done (wise words of Hamlet?) Ya, whatever, paper submitted and now is all about waiting for the grades I deserved.

After-exam-party? Neh… That’s just not happening but there was a pre-exam outing. pictures? Na-da… Not here… Only pretty pictures can be shown here… I’m so vain 😛 Oh… my college (hostel term) had their annual dinner and this is the only ‘formal’ dinner that 1 went in this one year.

Enough of exposing my life to public… Time for commercial break! Not kit-kat

Sushi King Bonanza! Must not miss event… twice a year of sinless food indulgence

With time in my hands, y’all can anticipate to have waves of post each day… One day one post? Since education knowledge has left already with the ink on the paper, so now it is time to leave thoughts and maybe a little of something in cyber world.

Should I bore you guys with more words? less words? a bit of picture here and there? Only pictures? Another language?

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