The sky is the reflection

Early in the morning when the sky has not been given light, tears of heaven fall. Shedding not a tear or two but morning showers in which the air was turned into the breeze of one can find when you’re on a mountain way up high. Curling in seems to be the best thing to do when the temperature is not always found in a hot and humid tropical land. From the moment of consciousness to the awareness of time, the spirit is willing but the body is weak, weak from having to leave the comfort.

If this was my bed,…

Alas, the body gathered up every ounce of reluctance with much help from the mind that keeps on processing the same message back and forth – CLASS IS WAITING FOR YOU !

Tears from up above did spare a little for us, pitied as we walk under its hidden sun ray. The sight of colourful little roofs brighten the pathway where the crowd is heading; the whole time, morning showers still remain.

Where we’re heading is a place of freezing even on a normal bright sunny day with the temperature that could get people sweating even just by walking. With that being said, now add with the current situation and whee~ we get winter in NOT so wonderland. One hour is all that is enough to start getting people experiencing just that little of what some of us wish but could not get. However this is almost like being in a freezer and we could not even move about. Soon an hour became another and the torture was over, people like ants scattering from the scene in the matter of minutes or maybe seconds. Good thing for the next couple of hours the freezer was shut down, still outside was in the same gloomy mode.

Water dripping from both sides is an indication of the magnitude of? Of what the sky is capable to surprise.

The sky is playing tricks on us all. Didn’t know what got to it until this time was crying buckets upon buckets of water. Guess the sky is delicate and sensitive at the same time till it could not stop holding back the sadness. Moreover, the face of the sky was not in a good state as well ’cause it was dark… Not the usual look during the day. The sky is that delicate that sometimes it would hold back the tears and sometimes after a little nudge, it start pouring once more.

From dawn to dusk and carrying it forward, snuggling under the blanket is such a warmth though it was not possible. It is indeed wonderful and nice to be under a shelter when the sky is having a rough time like this today. What a way to wrap up the day with another round of mountain top-like breeze to get under the covers where everything is wind down.

How unpredictable it can be

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