Summury of August

1 month has passed oh so quickly or not. So what have y’all been up to this past month? I know I’ve been learning to adapt to my new life and environment. I think I’m considered a fast adapter… what a word. Anyway, life is all ’bout enjoying and living in the moment, so better learn and capture to make full use of the time as we can’t turn back time and re-live the moments. Every second is a life experience!

This happened in just one night.
All gone in a few hours.

Kuching Festival where you can find lots of food. Different variety and a wide range of them. It’s food paradise for me just after a few being here in the land of hornbills.

A hungry Enwei is a cranky Enwei


A food paradise that fills up Enwei’s stomach is a smiling Enwei!

The food are just delicious but too much of them at a time is just not the way to roll.

Up next, a getaway in a place stated as above.
Really nice architectural place. It’s a little resort based on house concept. Should say it is a house after all. Love art of it. Truly a place to relax but just bring along lots of mosquito coil. The cool air in the morning and at night with the sight of mountain and water and wind… ‘Feng shui’ in literal meaning.

Don’t judge by the first sight of the signboard!

That sums up the events for August.

September might be interesting too…

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