Being 2nd intake

Time to be a narrator again. This is kinda fun.

As of when the news came, it was both a happy yet burdensome thing. In just mere least than a week, off to be a 2nd intake student.

Being 2nd intake is not all that happy an occasion. It’s a hectic time, rushing to get things done, needing to catch up fast. Being blur most of the time.

These are why being a 2nd intake student is not that fun:

  • Having to search where to go alone
  • Getting into groups which is already full. So in a blunder
  • Need to learn and understand surroundings fast
  • Catch up with lectures and tutorials
  • Running around to get things settle alone

But being a 2nd intake student can gain some insights as well:

  • There are a lot of friendly people ready to help
  • Trusting in God
  • Getting to explore the campus
  • Learn to be more independent
  • Learn to talk to people

That’s bout it that I can think of.

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