First step into the world of unknown

I could look at land from a distance after being up in the air. Coming down from the white, soft, fluffy-like cloud, breaking through the almost transparent ‘cotton candy’. From seeing white to blue to green of many heights to plains, the ride was coming to an end. Where the adrenaline? Gone with the wind literally. Upon touching down, that’s my 1st step into the world of uncertainties.

I couldn’t remember the last time I set foot into this airport. Coming over means adapting to new environment and customs. Where else do you see having to go through immigration while traveling within own country? Or even owning a different passport that can only be used to cross own national waters? Only if you plan to stay more than 3 months. This only apply one way and not the other. Strange? Apparently not. That’s how things work here.

Being in line just like everyone else with the unfriendly counter waiting to be approach, at least the person behind it was friendly. Speaking of which, along this road traveled, there are lots of friendly people except for one or two – bad service.

Cut throat business in the airport? Can’t be helped. They need to earn a living as well by draining the pockets of travelers/tourist/non-locals. The pocket did not have to bleed that badly. Unlike other places that really cuts the throat and make a huge hole in the pocket.

Not forgetting there’s a huge luggage to lug around. Kinda inconvenient since it’s almost half of my weight. It looks as if a little wardrobe is taking a trip.

In mind the journey was suppose to be long but in fact after enjoying the surroundings, there we are, entering the big arch with the name where

Another World Awaits Me!

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