Weekend full of fun

Activities after church are always planned or decided last minute. We as in me, Alfred, Chien Li and Jasmine decided to go East Coast Mall for Baskin Robbins. We love to plan where we would go after church on the day itself.

So I went back home to get my car, whereas Chien Li, Alfred and Jasmine went earlier.

Once we went to BR, the line was not long at all as it is 31 May with 31%.

Glance through all the ice cream and ta~da…. I’ve found it!

Green Tea

This is my 2nd time eating it in Kuantan… I’ve been searching for it high and low. Literally high and low. Once I wennt Genting’s BK, they didn’t have it there.

Next mission was to use the sticker machine. Those japanese technology. The problem was none of us knows how to read japanese. Luckily there were some chinese words so we sort of figure out what it is. It was chaotic in that tiny little room with 4 of us… Some of you would know who is the noisy polluter there and it’s not me.

We choose the one that gives us flawless skin. Yay!

Love the picture ❤

will do it again the next time… hopefully it will not be as chaotic as the last time. Gotta be smarter!

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