2nd Expedition

After the official hike organized by MYF, we went for unofficial expedition.

Since our official departure point was in McD. So we just continue from there.

Let’s climb rocks!

The Lim Bros wearing the same colour shirt…. It’s a rare sight.

“Hey, you’re doing a good job”

“Oi! Faster la… Slow la you all”

See, the leaf still still there……

Still holding on to the leaf…

“I’m not letting the leaf go”

“Faster go down la…. wait until the sun set lor.”

This is what happens when you’re too fast and bored – you start to talk to the stone

“Whoo hoo….. I believe I can fly”

“Come, let me give you a helping hand.”

We are fast and we are on the top…

But that’s not the end yet.

*must take a picture first*

Defiying the gravity

“Eh! There is something happening there!”

Where is it?

“I see it… I see it”


“Pull yourself up. I’m so small, you’re so big.”

“I’m coming back!”

“How long do we have to wait? It’s time for lunch”

“Oh… What’s going on?”

Who took my ball?!

“Why you all wear red never tell me? I’m not the only one anyway.”

Ww head to McD for lunch and this is what we found.


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