A hike to Bkt. Pelindung

Organized by MYF

On a Saturday morning, there was a short period of rain. Not drizziling kind of rain though. But moments later the rain stopped. Hallelujah! Don’t have to cancel the program for the day.

We met at the foot of the hill. Those that went were: Me of course, Alfred, Jasmine, Alisson, Hendriq, Kevin, Adrian, Jess Lynn, Jess Minn, Brandon, Kah Lok, Daniel and with 2 counselors, Aunty King Moy and Uncle Steven.

Baru started the hike and the 2 were behind.

Let’s keep on walking, walking, walking…

Getting farther behind

Look at how steep it is.

Need a rest?

You still can rest after this steep hill.

Look what I’ve found!

Look how far that man go…
We’re all so tired and out of breath

“WHAT!!!! A steeper one…”
“hahaha….. good luck man.”

Do you wanna rest there?

We’re going down… yay…

Who’s ‘palace’ is that?”

“It’s so hot..”

The girl that can’t take any heat.

After a tiring hike, we went to Hoi Yin to eat. Then………

More to come…
Stay tuned

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