Sushi Spree

Sushi King having promotion since Monday 13/4/2009 until this tomorrow for member card holders. It cost only RM2/plate. Since I love sushi, this is a must-not-miss chance…. We (me and my classmates) have been planning for this day to come.

So the day of feasting has arrived. but there were only 3 of went to eat on the 1st day… Some were busy, some had tuition….

This is a new dish

The winner of the day goes to Penny Tan – 10 plates

Coming in 2nd place with 9 plate goes to me… ^^

With 8 plates…. not far behind is Jine Shien…

Our effort

The following day, I went with another batch of classmates….. This time I was all ready for it…

Mine is on the right… Half way eating…

The others that ate.

This belong to Miss Phua… She had 5 plates altogether…

The sauce was this full when we 1st started….

then it became this…..

Our ambassadors…..

We actually refilled it twice

Here is Finale!

1st up is Twin Tower

Followed by KL Tower

We sat 2 whole hours just for this…

Let’s say it together

Altogether we ate 62 plates. Here’s the analysis.
Miss Phua – 5 plates
Benny – 13 plates
Hui Sen – 14 plates
Me & Ah Boo – 15 plates!!!!!

What a day…

the 1st day we sat for an hour plus…
2nd day we sat around 2 hours…

yum yum yum

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