Mini Celebration

And so the celebration continues after MYF Sunday. We went to Adrian and Kevin’s house to par-tay!

Since it was all our 1st time to sat foot into their house, of course we ‘ransacked’ the house. From the outside to inside, downstairs to upstairs, we did made ourselves at home. We even ‘ransacked’ their room.

After a quick ‘visit’ around the house, we watched Quarantine. Too bad, this kind if movie is not my cup of tea. I do not want any nightmare coming to haunt me. That is explained in the picture below.

Smart Hendriq took with flash.

While the movie was still going on, me and Chien Li tak tahan dy, so we went upstairs and play PS2. But shortly after that, Chien Li gotta go home. I joined back with them to watch the movie. We kinda like utilize the house. From movie –> ping pong –> PS2.

Ain’t it awesome to have a place where we can make ourselves at home.

We’ew playing a fighting game and 4 people played with 2 controller. This was how the scene looks like.

It sure worked without knowing how to come out special powers.

It was fun…. We shall do it again next time.

What’s next?

The Proses of making a movie….

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