Energy needed

Used up almost all of my energy yesterday (since it’s already after 12am)

Let see,

From the morning, around 7.15am woke up –> went to school –> train school choir. Since we’ve gotta perform for Hari Anugerah as well and don’t want to waste precious time. I’m just speechless for the whole morning… at this point, 50% of my energy had been drained.

After school, went back home and change and on the road again to the next location —-> BEACH!!!

Picked up Alisson along the way.. reached there ate lunch… The scorching heat made me into a half lobster. Did some shooting for our upcoming MYF Sunday.. *pray hard that we can make it through* Well, basically when I’m running low in ‘fuel’, fatigue has taken it toll. I’ll be a hyper and cuckoo person.. and may get impatient too…

Finish around 3.40pm… then some went back and some went to Alisson‘s house… chill there for a moment and head back home.

Went to MYF in the night. The usual stuff happens just that this time everyone’s energy level is real low.

So that concludes the whole hectic day.

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