How fast a week has just gone by.

Monday came with a new dawn,
Preparation was now back on,
Morning breeze is now a norm,
How the day lies beyond?
People don’t feel the same,
Atmosphere kinda break,
Looking from a point,
The end for what’s in store.
Tuesday was not that good,
Condition yet remain the same,
Changes everywhere,
Why has it become like this?
Filling the tummy is different too,
With the old gone,
Opening up the mind to the new,
Not that bad for a start.
Wednesday came and went,
Ears began to bleed,
Whole being just wanted to go,
Too bad… time is not your own.
High rise wall surrounds,
With addition of wired bars,
Is that the way to go?
Do not underestimate what is capable.
Thursday came fast after Wednesday,
Heads are on the table whenever able,
Eyes seems to go for holiday,
Time is at our disposal.
Some are fast,
Some just took their time,
Some we understood at least,
Some was just blabbering away.
Friday is everyone’s favourite,
Fun and laughter fast went by,
Of teaching was none,
Shortage of time was not a problem.
For lunch was not far away,
Compare to normal consumption,
Taste buds were satisfied,
Enjoying the weekend ahead.

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