Went for yamcha today after did the decoration for Children Church Christmas Party.

We finished decorating around 10pm. Then went yamcha. Since Alfred did drive too, so good for us. Went to Old Town near the church because Alfred does not stay near our place. Gotta be thoughtful too. There were 4 of us – me, Jasmine, Hendriq and of course Alfred.

Good thing there were place for us to sit cause normally it will be full house. We sat right in the middle of the shop.

Ordered our food and drink and started yapping all the way… didn’t know that Hendriq could talk so much. We tried to make Alfred talk but he has a stronger will-power.

We actually finished our food round 11.30pm++ but then we didn’t want to go back just yet. Hendriq and Jasmine saw our table icon was blinking after we finished our food. So I ordered another cup of tea just to stall more time. Then we continue to ‘interrogate’.

We should have more of these yamcha sessions…. Bonding kononnya…

We left round 12.15am++. I got home round 1am…

All talk and no pictures, no fun

Some milk shake with only lots of bubbles

Jasmine’s supper

More supper…

My supper

Hendriq with the ice cream toast


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