Movie Night

Last Saturday went to papaTRAC’s a.k.a Uncle Francis Chua’s place for movie night. Only 3 of us went there. That was me, Chien Li and Jasmine. This movie night was plan for like a few months. 1st was Jasmine got PMR then later me and Chien Li got exams. So since now it is holiday, finally we get to carry on with our plan.

So went there at 7.30pm for dinner. At least it was better than Milo and biscuits. We had a healthy home cook fried mee hoon. Note for papaTRAC: make sure no celery and capsicums are inside. *Note taken.*

After dinner was MOVIE TIME!!! The Spiderwick Chronicles

No tickets though when the attendant came. He was our waiter as well. Wow! VIP treatment… See how fortunate we ‘daughters’ are. We had fruits for dessert. See how healthily we were fed… after fruits we had red beans soup… this was were

Chien Li did not pay attention to where the bowl was and thus she spilt some on the table. She called out: Enwei, tissue tissue, quick quick. With a sound of an accent you normally won’t hear in Malaysia. We teased her for a few minute imitating her. Tissue tissue, quick quick…

The climax of the show was so…… potong steam. It was like dush… imagine the graph going up and up and up and then suddenly 90 degree drop.

The main point wasn’t in the show but we were given the permission to make it a habit to go over to papaTRAC’s place in near future…. Yay!

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