JS Re-u… Fin

Day 3/Part 3 (30 September)

The final installment. 3rd time is the charm.

This time there is more photos than the last 2 parts.

So the 3rd and final day has arrived. Austin got to leave the house at 9am, therefore we gotta get ourselves ready. Herbie came to pick some of us too since 9 people can’t fit into 1 car.

“Oh no…”

Packing time

“I don’t want to go, I want to stay here longer”

“Gotta get everything in”

Shaun and me with Dee behind

Austin’s garden

Austin and Herbie sent us to the KTM station.

On with our way to Midvalley train station.

“This is the latest fashion trend”

“I’m a Model”

Blurr William

Stuck in between the lame siblings


Right: “Told you not to be so blurr dy”

Middle: “So sorry.. maaf aku..”

Left: *banging the head*

Cool as always

Well, we’re not there to go shopping that’s for sure. Crossed the bridge to meet up with the ‘Queen’ a.k.a. Aunty Choy Quin. She greeted us with a van. Off we went to have breakfast. And it was on HER!!! Thank you so so much.

Still not ready to go back yet, we went to TRAC HQ. Since the Queen works there, we got a place to crash and continue lame-ing.

Continue with bridge… play imaginary train… proving some theory ‘learned’ the night before.

CAUTION: Please to not stick too near to the monitor. Continue at your own risk.

“OH MY GOODNESS…. what have you done to your hair??!!”

*Deng deng deng deng deng*

Rev. Ong was so nice and kind to treat all of us with Domino’s pizza. The last time we came, he treated us with pizza too… Thanks a bunch… for filling our ever hungry stomach.

Not short later, Enoch was the 1st to leave… Chia Ching was the 2nd to leave. Then the rest off us went to the bus station.


NO… we just don’t wanna go home

Dee and me

The New Town Gangsters

On the way in the van, there were interesting stories coming out.

Reached the bus station, Matt left us.

Since everyone gotta wait for mine and Shaun’s boarding time, we continue to spend the very last minute that we had. Soon, we gotta say our ‘Goodbyes and See you’…

Shaun went to his boarding platform alone while the rest was kind to teman me to my bus… hehe… thanks man you people.

Off we went to our respective home sweet home…

Will cherish every single moment with you LAME people!!!



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