JS Re-U part 2

I’m so overdue compare to the rest in updating bout JS Re-u. Here’s part 2

Day 2/Part 2 (29 September)

We started the day by sleeping at 4.30am. Woke up at around 9am. So dilly-dally… Went to eat breakfast at some ‘near by’ coffee shop. 4 of us sat at Austin’s car to get there. While the others decided to walk there. Well, after they had walked half way, Austin went to pick them.

“Aaaaa…… open your mouth”

Fake smile…

“yo, wat’cha looking at??!!”

“yer… I want to eat some more”

“I want to take a picture of the food”

“Yer… Don’t la take the fish” *put on a fake smile*

Ate there and talked more then went back. This time Herbie was here to sent some of us back.

Watched a DVD on ‘Bait of Satan’. After that got ready to go to the Wa…ter…fall… Went with 2 cars. There was me, Wen Dee – my partner in crime, Enoch, William and Matthew in Austin’s car. We reached there 1st. So as usual, Dee would take out her cards and we played BRIDGE!!!!!!…. the next load of people came not long after that.

Went hiking to the wa…ter…fall… Practically played the whole time then have lunch and continue the fun. The water was freezing cold. I brought back ‘souvenirs’ as well.

“Where shall we go next?”

“I gotta pack..pack…pack”

“Walking also wanna take picture.. ish… dush..”

WELCOME to the Wa…Ter…Fall…

Let’s PLAY!!!

Happy after the playing in the wa…ter…fall…

Monkey see. monkey do

Us girls… Dee, me, Tiffy, and Ellie

Group Photo

Introducing… Shaun ‘N’ Tiffy

The sheep and the lamb

Crashed ‘n’ burned

The whole day was fun until the end.

After the wa…ter…fall went back to freshen up while waiting for the ‘Queen’ a.k.a. our JS principal. Went to Bukit Malawati to see sunset and MONKEYSSS!!! Since we’ve missed the sunrise, might as well not miss the sunset.

Sunset on the way to Bukit Malawati

Monkeys are everywhere!!!!

“This is my pet”

Group photo with the lighthouse

Beautiful sunset…

FOOD was next in our agenda. In short, we had a great meal.


Fireflies were our last agenda for our field trip. Our boatman was kind enough to catch 2 fireflies for us city folks. On top of that, some hidden talent was discovered too.

After enjoying ourselves, we sang all the way back home. Throughout the whole field trip journey, the whole car load of people was singing like there’s no tomorrow. But sadly, we missed someone half way. He had a greater calling… *ROFL*

Watched ‘21’ at night. But I was tooooo tired to finish the show, so I slept half way throughout the show.

The End

of day 2

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