JS Reunion

I shall post bout JS reunion into 3 parts. 1 day for 1 part.

Day 1/Part 1

Actually it’s already day 2 for them ‘cause I only went down to Rawang on Sunday. Hon and the Mecho worm came to pick me from Puduraya bus station. My bus left at 2.30pm from Kuantan. So it is suppose to reach KL around 6.30pm. Mana tau, the bus reach the station at 5.15pm. The bus did not stop to take a break in the middle of the way. So waited for hon hon and Chia Ching for like an hour. Then went to KTM station. Waited and boarded. Took like half and hour to reach Rawang KTM station. Austin was there to pick us up.

By the time I reached to Austin’s place, it’s already time for BBQ. We went to this so called hill – which is made of rocks with no grass or anything green.

Ate, chat, and eat more… and talk more… Pretty much catching up with everyone’s life.

I shall leave the captions to your imagination.

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