Everybody has their dream life


People tells me that that is the life that they want, so let them be. It just doesn’t sits well with me. I might be a bit judge-y about this, but I am still trying not to judge people’s choice of life. I could just state that I do not CONDEMN the choice, yet I do not condone it.

I would not choose this for myself. What am I talking about? There should be more than just money in a relationship. I am talking about exclusive relationship. The priority choice for a life partner for me would not be the level of financial capability.

I get so angry when I think about this and the anger escalates as I type this out. I very much disagree when girls especially searching for their significant other based on their wealth first. It angers me so much when I hear ‘He is not rich’, ‘My salary is almost the same as his’, ‘He is stingy with his money or he is not willing to spend money on me when his earning is higher than average’. Seriously, is it just me being irked with these kind of thinking or it is just something normal for such request/remarks?

I know that girls will like/love to have a person they can depend on, to have somebody to provide for them, living the lavish life, and so on. But does it mean to do whatever it takes to get a person to do it of them? Why rely on a person to do it when they themselves can work on their own to achieve it as well? If a person of their liking do come along the way, wouldn’t it be much better when 2 people are in better financial status?

To be 100% financially dependent on another person is kinda risky. So many what ifs come into my mind. I’m sure you can think of some at the top of your head. Just the usual what ifs are already enough for you to think again how much we can not control what is bound to happen in the future. Well, I am done ranting here. One question.

Does the person need to at a certain financial threshold crucial for you to even consider to go out with?

Till then, stay sane!

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  1. not really about a threshold, just want to see if he’s gentlemanly and generous. technically, nobody needs anyone else’s money. personally, for me, it shows a person’s character.


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