A new chapter


a new whatever you like to call it.

As the saying goes ‘the only constant is change’, here’s to a change that would be for the better.

I woke up today with a head full of ideas but one thought keeps reminding me while trying to set my thoughts straight – I am not a creative person, only a simple person. I often be in awe to see how others are able to make their product aesthetically pleasing. While here I am trying to plan out how I would like my blog or photos or videos to look a certain dreamy whimsical effect.

The thought reminds me that I might not be good in creating artsy pieces, however I am good at bringing it back to basic – minimalist, simple, and clean. That is how I am trying to adapt my lifestyle and what I have to minimalism. No need to compare myself to others or try to copy their style. I just need to bring my own style, the way I like and see fit. This is definitely a long mind journey to get here, however there is still long way to go. As for now, I am and will try to be a better me and not a copy of others.

Till then, stay sane!

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