How much do I want to expose myself here?

I know that this space of mine is not gonna be any wow blog or anywhere near the path of being a ‘blogger’. Somehow when I am trying to pen my current thoughts on this topic here, I am reminded of why did I even start this blog. And why do I even have a second blog.
1. This was created out of boredom. Yes, I can bored really easily especially when I have free time. I have all the ideas of what to do, yet they just remains as ideas. It is good to have someone close to you to just push you a little even if you don’t want to hear them.
2. I do like writing / typing as it is a form of expressing myself freely. Just let my thoughts go and run free. The clutter in my head doesn’t sit well with me if they are not being flushed out. I like how writing does not need to be explained so throughly. Whereas for speaking, there isn’t much imagination and words do not come out as fluently as how fast my brain thinks of the words for the sentence or phrase.
But how much is too much? This is my struggle for putting myself out there in the cyber world.
1 thought in my head would say then why don’t you just write in down in a book, the old school way. That way you won’t have the conflict of whether there is too much information being shared. Therefore, less exposing of yourself. It is the vulnerability that I still have not come to terms with if and when I do put myself out there.
Another side of me is thinking that by sharing my thoughts or experience, if people do come across my blog, they would know that they are not alone to have a particular thought or situation. When you know you are not alone facing a challenge, somehow, it will give you strength to pick yourself up and carry on.
Then again, it comes down to the vision I want to create for this blog space. Should I just have it on a happy chappy vibe or some solemn thinking atmosphere?
Coming to the end of my thought on this. I have concluded that I am who I am. I don’t have to hide the ugly side. It was, is, and will always be the good, the bad, the ugly.
So this space here will be ME.

A representation of who I am and what I am.

Till then, tata ~

This blog post is inspired by the one blog that I always stalk. You know who you are because you are the only person that always comes back to my sanity space.

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