Going Minimalist

I have again changed my blog’s aesthetics.
I am trying to go minimalist in my life and my lifestyle. I am changing slowly in different aspects of my life. Since this blog has been with my for so long, I should get this done early and get those posts out to revive (yet again) this little corner.
Why minimalism?
I like how it simplifies my life from having to make choices that consumes me most of the time. 1 less thing to go through my thought process, 1 more thing to ponder. It is just a cycle of trying and figuring out what works for me. I have to declutter the mess physically and mentally. First, I need to start from within. That way, I hope that I can declutter items laying around in the room.
Let’s see how long I can keep up with this minimalism way of life, as well as how long is this blog aesthetic is gonna hold.
‘Nuff said!
Till then, tata ~


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