Inside the metal tube series

I’m thinking of starting a series called Inside The Metal Tube.
This would be about sights and wonder, as well as some behaviour that you would not have imagine them happening inside an airplane. Being always in the airplane, there are some incidents that left me scratching my head, trying to understand what is going on in their heads.
So let me start by telling a few stories.
Inside the Metal Tube #1
Here is the most frequent scenario that happens every time the Flight Attendant (FA, for future reference) walks down with a tray of drinks to get people hydrated throughout the flight.

FA: Could you like to have something to drink?
Pax: [pointing to the clear liquid] Is that water?
FA: Yes. [In the head thinking what else could it be?! Vodka? Gin? Rum? in such a big cup (party size cup)
Every single time, somebody needs to ask that question. What else would people think it would be if it’s not for water. If you think that might be vague since the FA did not state what are the drinks available on the tray, bring in another variation.
FA: Something to drink? Water? Juice?
Pax: [Points to the only clear liquid drink] Is that water?
Seriously, the other juices are like orange, tomato, pineapple, apple, mango. How is the only clear liquid drink is not water? There is no such thing as logic when you are up 40,000ft in the air.
Inside the Metal Tube #2
There is no sound coming out from my headphone.
*call bell rings*
FA went to answer the call bell.
FA: Can I help you with anything?
Pax: There’s no sound coming out from the headphones.
FA [Sees the headphone jack was mounted on the power plug]: This is the power plug. The headphone should be plugged over here for the sound. [Points to the headphone outlet]
Moments later the call bell went off again on the same seat. Same FA went to attend it seeing if it was for another request.
FA: Yes sir, anything I can help you with? [Saw the headphone jack was back at the power plug]
Pax: There is still no sound coming out. The headphone is spoiled.
FA: Sir, you need to plug the headphones here. [Points to headphone outlet]
Pax: No, it’s not working there too. [Tries to plug it to the headphone outlet]
FA: Let me try it. [Takes a new headphone to try] Ya, it is working now. [Hands it back to the pax]
So how do you think the by plugging to the power outlet will give sound to the headphones? Bizarre
Inside the Metal Tube #3
During boarding, this pax is complaining why he gets seated at the back of the plane. In actual fact, he was somewhere in the middle in the whole of economy class cabin.
Pax to FA: Why they gave me the seat at the back of the plane?
FA: So sorry Sir, I do not know the reason. I am not the one assigning the seats.
Pax: Ya, I know it’s not you.
Thought he might be okay by now, but…
Another pax (Pax B) that is assigned to sit at the aisle seat next to this pax came in.
Pax A to Pax B: You can sit at the window seat. My wife and I will sit on the aisle and middle seat.
Pax B: No, I want to sit at the aisle seat. I paid for it.
Pax B to FA: I paid for the aisle seat and I don’t want to change to window seat.
FA explains to Pax A. Pax A insisted that he wants the aisle seat which wasn’t assigned to him. Later on, he was making a commotion in the cabin. Keep on saying no. Apparently Pax B has changed her seat with another pax that’s seated on the aisle seat adjacent to her as she was feeling uncomfortable sitting beside Pax A after he was making a fuss to get her to seat at the window seat. FA couldn’t handle the situation as Pax A doesn’t get what the FA is trying to explain and was speaking in and out in another language. Sorted help with a language speaker to try to understand better what Pax A wants and tries to reason with him. Nope, that did not worked out well at all. Needed the ground stuff to come and intervene.
Only until given Pax A the ultimatum of either he sits at his original seat or he gets offloaded from the flight, he chose the former. He did not want to let it go out without a fight. Went on saying that he will file a complaint after landing to the destination.
Later on the FA found out more about the situation.
1. Pax B did not purchase the seat, it was just assigned to her.
2. Pax A was complaining why did Pax B changed seat with the other pax.
People changed their seats has nothing to do with you. It’s their own issue.
– End-
This is the start of this series. If you like to read more stories, they will be coming soon here.
Till then,

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