I love stuff toys more than humans

That is a fact.

Most people that knows me knows that I LOVE stuff toys. At the same time, I’m very picky on the quality and texture of the stuff toys. So far, NICI has been my favourite with 3 of my ‘boyfriends’ are from there.

A new discovery is Bunnies By The Bay.
I’m a sucker for soft-feeling stuff toys, hence why they are sometimes called soft toys. Never like those resembles a human, worst, a child. Those send chills down my spine. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but you get my point.
My first 2 ‘boyfriends’ were actually birthday presents. When it comes to getting presents for birthdays or whatever special occasion, we try to get something that the receiving person would like. So instead of having my friends scratch their head trying to figure out what to get me for my birthday, I just showed them what I wanted with the budget brought into consideration. Yes, I don’t mind telling people what to get for me as a present since I’ll be the one having it. No point going on about the guessing game and in the end pushing the present to one side and that’s it. Waste of money and effort in getting the present.
Anyway, back to the title.
I can come out with a list of reasons why I like/love stuff toys more than humans but neh. Don’t start with me by going but they are just stuff toys, don’t you want like a person, something real, yada yada yada…
I’m not saying as if I am only siding on 1 spectrum. It’s just called preference. Simple as that.
Anyhow, if you have not already know this about me, now you do.
Till then,
tata ~
p/s: This is how I’m starting my first post of the year here after 2 months has passed.



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