11 years and I’m still here


My me-time has come to a pause.
Time of the year again to look back at how far my blog has come. Also all the lack of update and just leaving it here for I don’t know what for. Not that I’m gonna be reading my previous posts from way back when.
I can say that for all these years this space has been the same – (mainly) for me to rant how boring my life is, how disorganised my mind functions, my travel trips (still got lots more pending). Also, how much I actually miss typing away, listening to the keyboards clicking.
So what’s different this time?

This is still a safe space for me.
No new year resolution because it comes anytime of the year. Why set/make/wait a new resolution only at the beginning of the year?
No promises on what will become of this blog. I’m not good at keeping them. So when I do make a promise, I will see it through.
‘Nuff said!
Till then! Tata ~
*unpause me-time*

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