Missing in Action

When there’s lack of updates on my social media platforms, it can only mean 1 thing – I’m tired with myself, life, my life.

Okay, this is not a depression post or anything of that. It’s just me going back to my hermit shell for some me-time, a very long me-time.
My mind is just cluttered with the same thoughts on replay. It’s not like I can shut them off with a switch. After so many years of dealing with clearing my head, the best solution so far is having time to come to terms to it. People might say or say that I think too much. Well, I do and that’s how I know how to get out of the situation.
Work definitely helps since there’s no time for me to stop and think. Whenever I have any alone time, the mind starts to go on a ride.

Alcohol doesn’t help at all. It’s only a temporary fix. More like a temporary escape and you’re back to face reality.

Shopping doesn’t help either. Neither for your bank account. Then you got to tackle the hoarding problem.

Reading helps to escape reality in a good way. I like reading those self-help or fiction books that brings in a different or multiple perspective to look at things.

Traveling helps a lot. Walking around the town alone is good therapy. You can tell that I like to people-watch. It keeps you thinking of what life these people are living and then you think that your life is not that bad either. In fact, my life is great!

Finding what makes me contented is really important to get through internal craziness. My boyfriends are there to do the job.
From left: BF #3 – Pebbles, BF #2 – Ka-cheng!, BF #1 – Ka-ping!
BF #4 – Billy!

Latest to join the club, BF #5 – H!

My whole lot of happy pills.
‘Nuff said.
Till then! Tata ~

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