What is there to do when you’re in Kenya

Hello from Nairobi, Kenya!
Wanted to go for the safari in the national park, however was advised by the tour guide that the timing wasn’t right as it has been raining for the past week. The animals that we want to see will be hiding aka lions. I mean that’s the point of going to the safari right, to see the true wild in the sort of wild living.
The tour we ended up taking cost us 35USD. This includes the entrance fee for the following and ‘tips’ for the driver. The whole tour took us about 5 hours.
  • Giraffe Center
  • David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
  • Crocodile Farm (has a tortoise farm and ostrich farm)
The ‘tour guide’ that we had is from the animal sanctuary that we visited. The driver just brings us around while showing us what is what and telling some stories as we drive by.
We went to the Giraffe Center first. The entrance fee is 1,000 KES (foreigner price).

These are only baby giraffes. They are about a few years old. We get to feed them.
And if you’re daring enough, you can get the giraffe to ‘kiss’ you. Well, you just need to put the food palette between you teeth and it will ‘kiss’ you. Nope, I’m not gonna have giraffe saliva all over my face.
Here with the giraffe caretaker that told us a bit more info about the center. There isn’t much to do at the center other than just feeding the giraffes.
For our next destination, the visiting hours is only between 11:00am – 12:00pm. Got to David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage just in time for the visiting hours. There’s no entrance fee, however they have a sign that says a contribution of 500 KES is required before entering. What a way to put it. 
There was already a crowd when we reached. The first group of elephants were already roaming the viewing grounds. They are the younger ones compared to the second group.
A group of caretakers will be feeding 2 big bottles of milk to the elephants while there’s one guy will be introducing the orphanage and each elephants, their name and their stories.
This Maasai was standing in front of the gate before heading in to the orphanage.
Apparently he’s not part of elephant orphanage. How’d I know? He asked for tips after we took some pictures with him.
Got to the Crocodile Farm – Nairobi Mamba Village. Mamba means crocodile in Zulu. The main highlight of this is to hold a crocodile.
The belly is cold and soft, almost like a jelly. I squirmed when I first held it.

“Trying not to drop it”
Better lighting here.
The tortoise farm is only just beside the baby crocodiles den. It’s only just one enclosure for the tortoise.
We had a guide with me. Else, there’s no way we can get to hold the baby crocodile. By baby, they meant 5 years and below.
Last place to see is the ostrich.

Yup, only 2 here. The main attraction is the crocodile. Also our guide told us that crocodile eggs are good for men. Even told us if we are interested in the eggs after the tour, we can ask him. Hmm…
After all these animal visitation, we went to a place for souvenir shopping. Just adjacent to it is a fruit and vegetables market. It’s definitely a tourist spot. We just got our souvenirs and left. Was already mentally tired and we’re leaving that night.
The next time I’m back to Nairobi or even Kenya, I want to go for the safari to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Maybe see some action going on. Blood pumping and heart racing kind of action.
‘Nuff said.
Till then! Tata~

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