1 simple question, but

Hello, how are you?

Such a simple question yet how do you actually answer this?

We’re taught or socially constructed to reply with ‘I’m fine, I’m good’. But what if I’m not just fine or good? What if I’m feeling terrible or lost or just dumbfounded? I can’t just speak out my mind like that to strangers or to reply casually. That will just invite more unnecessary questions or expression.

Or let’s say an acquaintance or friend asked you that. Do you give the standard answer?

I like to mix up my answers depending on who am I replying. Let’s start from something more common going to morbid mode.

– I’m good
– I’m fine
– All is good/well
– Enjoying life
– Same same / same old, same old
– Great/good, I supposed
– Still alive
– Still breathing
– Still here

So how are you today?

‘Nuff said. Till then!
Tata ~

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