Cathedral Hunt in Barcelona, Spain

I don’t know how I should start this post. The trip to Barcelona was months ago, in March. So let’s just go straight to the point.

Public transport especially the train is my go to mode of transport to get around the city. I like seeing how the trains look like, and also people watching the locals? It’s all about getting the vibe of the city by doing what to locals do, sort of, somehow.

From the hotel, took the train to the middle of the city where tourist are just a stone throw away. I just drop a stone and there, I can find a tourist – me!

This is Plaza de Cataluna.

Where pigeons are not scared of humans.

Wanted to do the effect of the pigeons flying away in a group, but it will only happen if you run really fast like this dad.
Hung around to take some pictures and footage. Proceeded to walk to Barcelona Cathedral. 

Somehow I like the architecture in Europe. Also, it’s really a nice walk when the weather is cool. Oh, how I miss to see blue skies.

One thing about me sightseeing is that I don’t pay entrance fee unless what’s inside the building interest me a lot.

Why? I don’t know how to appreciate art in the way it should be? History is not my cup of tea. Even if somebody were to tell me the history about the building or place, I’ll just keep a mental note.

Anyway, here’s Barcelona Cathedral.

Got to get that tourist shot just to tick off from the bucket list. A prove as well to say that I’ve been there? Not often you get to see me (my face) in the picture.
Next stop, La Sagrada Familia.
A few train stops away, you will meet this historical and magnificent church that is always under reconstruction.
This should be the front of La Sagrada Familia as I can see a long queue to get into the church.

The back view gives a different look.

Just around the corner, lies a nice garden or park where the locals (mostly elderly or of older age) hang around to play a leisure sport. I was trying to figure out what is the game about. Nothing was conclusive.

The atmosphere was full of serenity. If only I had a bit more time to spend here.

A view of La Sagrada Familia from the park.

Made a short video of me heading to La Sagrada Familia. First ever attempt to do some video.
‘Nuff said. Till then!

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