It’s all just in my head running round in circles

Apparently not.
Here I am closing to midnight and still quite awake even when the ambience is just conducive for sleeping with my fairy lights on.
Maybe I should just get another glass. Is my tolerance getting better or am I just well rested the night before?
I would go with the later as I did get a good solid 8 hours of beauty sleep.
Since I’m unable to sleep now which I won’t regret it tomorrow as it is still my off day, I’m just gonna go on with some linger thoughts that I have for a long while now. Not that it is very safe to do here, but I just love to contradict myself.
Side track: My mind likes to go on a web of thoughts instead of a string of thoughts, hence I contradict myself a lot of times, always.

Ever since I’m living my dream, my level of motivation dropped drastically and my level of procrastination increase tremendously. Now I have more time to do what I want. And that’s forever in the planning phase, hardly moving to the execution phase. Guess I just love the planning process but scared to plunge into the execution phase. Is it the fear of the outcome not meeting my expectations?
What happened to the take-up-whatever-challenge-comes-my-way me? I’m back to just curl under my comfort zone.
How do I motivate myself again to get all the plans into working process? Maybe a better phrase would be putting it out there for people to see. Working process can still be in the ‘planning process’ where it’s all just in paper but not in action.
Am I not desiring and hunger for it to happen? Usually if I want something, I WILL make it happen. Just like how I really wanted to live my dreams.
So it’s just all in my head and I’m wasting all the precious ‘free time’ by playing mindless games (there are games that stimulates and work the brain) and watching YouTube channels where I can actually go and edit some footage of my travels.
1 glass down, should I get another?
‘Nuff said. Till next time!
Tata ~

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