Cleaning up my photo album phase 1

I had a lot of photos laying in my laptop and phone till I’m just keeping them for I don’t know what.

So I transfer all the photos from my phone and slightly organise them and the existing ones I have in my laptop. Need to clear them off. I don’t see the point of keeping these digital copies on my laptop when I don’t even view them at all. It’s like I dumped all the photos to the laptop, wanting to maybe create something out of them, but that didn’t happen at all. Might as well go through them and post out the ones can pass the standard and just get rid of them?
Not that I hold a lot of value in keeping them. Just hoping I wouldn’t regret this decision 10 or 20 years down the road. I’ll need to choose wisely what photos to keep and discard.
Let me start of with my collection of stuff toys pictures. From there, probably I can see the evolution of my hair. Have fun viewing my face and the stuff toys that have gone through with me throughout my journey in life.




‘Nuff said. Till then! Tata~

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