Everyday I’m questioning myself what’s the use of all these

I don’t know how many times I need to blow of the dust here. This is becoming like a warehouse that is left empty.
While I’m typing this, I’m hungry at 10.15pm. Totally unrelated but just to put it there.

So – I always like to start my sentence with this. So, how’s life has been for me? It has never been better. But – another word I use often. But, my mind is so congested with so many thoughts and yet hardly any action.
I’ve tried and still trying to organize my life, my thoughts, my room and whatever that’s of my possession to utilise it to its maximum potential, still it’s looking bleak. Self-discipline is not my strong point. I’m totally like tahi-tahi ayam style / 三分钟热度 /flash in the pan. Whatever planning that I tried to plan, it doesn’t really help at all. Maybe only at that time of planning, that’s all. I (think I) managed to plan my work well in terms of what I need to do and accomplish. Well, on my personal life, most of the ideas that I have are still stuck in my head.
I want to do this, I want to do that. In the end, nothing is done. Procrastination level is really high. Probably it’s not something that I really want or am passionate about. Because from what I can see and have experience, if I want something, I’ll try whatever I can to get or achieve it. So what do I really want?
If thinking about what to do with my life is a broad spectrum and it takes me more time now to figure that out, I think I should start small. Something more manageable and tangible – my social media accounts.
In the course of 3 months, I have observed the social media platforms that I always go into on my phone.
1st – Facebook
This is my never ending source for me to waste time refreshing every 3 seconds.
2nd – Dayre
I’m quite proud of myself for posting almost everyday. I try to at least fit in 1 action post to fill in the gap, unless there’s a time difference or no internet connection that I can’t avoid.

3rd – Whatsapp
I can go on 1 day without touching my Whatsapp. That’s how depressing I can get in connecting with people. More like my phone can go on a day without ringing from messages, let alone phone calls.

4th – Snapchat
I’ll only use this under 2 conditions. 1 – I have something interesting to share, 2 – I have excess data to burn. Call me #cheapo / #cheapskate, but the thought of not having enough data to survive for the rest of the month does bother me. I always feel like I need to have some backup supplies. Most probably that explains why I’m stingy.

That’s about the social media platforms that I use frequently. If I must add another, it would be 5th – Instagram. They are only used to upload Instagram worthy pictures. Hence, they are hardly touched nowadays. Trying to sort the layout as well. #Perfectionistatwork

I’ve forgotten what’s the main point that I wanna talk about here. Oh…

Back to the title.

Every time now when I look at my phone, I’m wondering what to do with it. I just spent time mindlessly going in and out of apps just ’cause.

I would say social media apps are good to keep up to date with people’s life (till a certain degree) and vice versa, then again, I’m not really living in the moment.

So making technology work for me is what I’m aiming for. They are to enrich me, not to imprison me.

‘Nuff said. Tata ~

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