Brisbane in 24 hours

I’m blessed to be able to travel to Brisbane last month. Seizing all the hours I have before boarding the next plane back. I reached my hotel just in time to grab some supper and chill before the next sunrise appears.
Not really an early start but still managed to cramp in a few itinerary before the super early morning flight the next day.
So what I managed to do are 2 things:
1. Koala
2. Sightseeing
30 minutes drive and about AUD56 later, I’ve arrived at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!

They have other animals other than the Koalas. Like these love birds here.
And some devils.
Wombats out on a stroll with a harness.

The sanctuary hosts other animals and reptiles alike. They have a big compound too for animals to roam around. 

Mainly, it’s for the kangaroos. These kangaroos are tame enough for us to go really close to touch them, feed them, and take pictures with them.

For those who constantly needs to be connected to the internet, fret not. There’s a station with charging ports and there’s free wifi throughout the sanctuary.

Now for the main attraction or the reason why I’m here – KOALAS!

Most of the time they were just hugging the trees. Well they sleep 20 hours a day and only move when they need to eat. I was lucky to be able to see this koala move to eat when I was about to leave.

There were a lot of kids around. Guess it was their field trip. A group of Japanese students were there as well while we were waiting to take photos with the koalas.

There’s an additional AUD20 just to hold the koalas and have a picture taken. Well we can use our own devices as well with no additional cost.

Here’s the entrance fee to the sanctuary. Just less than half a day is good enough to visit this place. 

Hugging koala – done!

Time for some sightseeing and pokemon hunt. What I like about Brisbane city is that there’s free wifi in the city itself! Yes, I’m a sucker for free wifi. When you’re traveling out of the country, cyber connection is very much needed. Not that I can’t survive without it. But it’s like an assurance.
First agenda is to get some food in the tummy. I missed out on breakfast ’cause sleep is more important then. Also it was already lunch time. We walked to Queen Market Street first. It’s a shopping area with food and retail therapy. When in doubt of what to eat, search up trip advisor.
Came to this burger joint – Miss Kay’s. Had their specials for the month. I think it’s something like Big Tony. All I know is that they have quite a few selections there including bacon. Not gonna miss that chance.

And some sinful chocolate milkshake because I can do so.
A little more walking around the area. I really like the mixture of classic and modern architecture in this city.
Here we have the Treasury. Apparently they have a restaurant inside as well.

Then we have this memorial ring. Didn’t note down the history for this.

Just opposite is an old train station that they have turned for another purpose.

Opposite the Market place earlier, just across the bridge, there is the Whee of Brisbane. They were not operating while I was there. Having preparation for Brisbane festival happening this month.

Love love love the sight of blue sky.
Went back to my hotel to chill and came back out at night to see the night view before I call it a day.
The weather for the whole day was just how I’d like it. Even I walked around the town under afternoon sun, I wasn’t sweating buckets. The chilly wind was just nice. At night, the breeze was colder. The cold breeze brushing on the face with a leather jacket on my back. Miss the weather.
That’s it for being in Brisbane for about 24 hours.
‘Nuff said. Tata~

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