I can stop buying skincare products for another year or so

I am a hoarder.
For beauty and makeup stuff, this includes skincare products too.
It has and is still a complex of mine to get that nice flawless with without makeup. My skin has been ruined years ago and now I need to fix it. Giving excuses to buy more products.

So whenever I get the chance to get free products or read good reviews about them, I’ll try to find my way to get it.
First, I have a complete range of Eversoft Skinz UV White products. From facial cleanser all the way to spot treatment. #notasponsorepost
I have them sitting on my vanity top but they are there collecting dust. 

I’ve actually tried the toner because then I ran out of toner. Didn’t really like how it felt on my face. Probably will wait for the time to come when I can use the whole range altogether instead of my mix and match style right now.

Next up, Avene facial mist.

I must say that there’s some slight achievement with this one. It came in a package of 2 full size bottles and 3 portable ones. I’ve already finished 1 full size and 1 portable. Now I’m into my 2nd portable bottle. I always use it after toner or sometimes before and right after makeup. Now I use it in between the day as well. Exposing myself to too much dry air.
I’ve gotten these products from this brand – DIAMANA for quite some time now. 
Been testing out on their facial cleanser and body lotion. I”m using quite a few facial cleanser hence have stopped this for a while. But I do quite like the texture of the body lotion. Seeing now that I’m always surrounded with air-con 98% of the time, I really need to moisturise my skin. Till the point that I keep this in my bathroom so I can apply it straight after shower. 
Now comes to the sample products that I get from here and there.
I have some Clinique with me. I think I got this from Kampungboycitygal (KBCG), blogger Clinique meet up.
Clinique products at this moment isn’t really compatible with my skin. But I do like their eye cream. Them hydration is good. The moisturiser though still haven’t find the right match. They categorised their moisturiser based on skin type. 

Continuing with more sample size products.
Innisfree! I really do like Innisfree. Their shop deco, ingredients that they use and also the price.

These are the products I got as free gifts for spending X amount of money in 1 receipt. That’s how much of a spender I am with beauty products. Yet, my face is still not there yet. They are good travel items. As for now, they can sit in the closet while I finish my existing pool.
Another sample products I got from attending their workshop – Kose.

I have their sheet masks not from the workshop that could last me for 2 – 3 months maybe, depending how frequent I use them. I do like the thought of having a hydrated face after removing makeup that’s sitting on my face for at least 10 hours. Some times I even use it before my makeup regime.
The only thing that concerns me is the alcohol in the toner. Ever since my face has turned sensitive, even the slightest friction on my face will get it red. So I’m always careful when putting this sheet mask on. Until now, I’m happy with the outcome. No funny breakouts or irritation.
Here comes the pile of miscellaneous brands.

The 2 products above are the result of free gift and on buy 1 free 1 sale. Seriously, it’s a good bargain for buy 1 free 1 when another person is taking 1 of it. Instant 50% off normal price.

When it comes to year end and we need to buy stuff for Christmas, I’ll just pick out the items first then decide later. The hand cream from Soap & Glory and perfume from Marks & Spencer were the outcome of it. The rest are gifts.
Once upon a time, I did like using Biore’s Cleansing Oil. I’ve used their cleansing wipe before and on my 3rd bottle for the cleansing oil. Coming to my 3rd bottle, I began to detest it. 
Never mind about removing waterproof makeup, but even after rinsing, I can still wipe of some foundation with a cotton pad. Once I’m done with the 3rd bottle, I’m going to change to another brand. At this moment, I’m using Biore’s Cleansing Water. That does the job better, only it uses too much cotton pad. Not that environmental friendly.
That’s all for the skincare products that are sitting in my closet. Let’s not start with what’s left on the vanity table and what I actually use on a daily basis.
‘Nuff said! Tata~

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